Tamil Nadu, a State where the sun always shines and the hearts of people always warm. Where smiles, vanakkams and a cup of tea never run out of stock. A place that stands together and tall in the face of any adversity. But the recent pandemic has brought the State to a halt, COVID-19 has affected lives and livelihood but not the DNA of resilience within. As the State continues to pave a way to safety, behind masks and socially distanced greetings, The Hindu Group joins the battle with their latest campaign, ‘Tamil Nadu Smiling’.,tennis ball dog teeth

The Hindu Group’s 'Tamil Nadu Smiling' is an initiative that will help the State and its people emerge stronger yet again. A series of activities have been planned to bring together the people of Tamil Nadu, its trade and retail organisations, government authorities and others to discuss and prepare for the days ahead. Through webinars, engagement activities, safety awareness programs and more, the campaign reinforces the need for positivity, hope and happiness, all while staying safe. ,bump hit in volleyball