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Tennis Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills . Tennis ball drills are great ball handling drills because they place added difficulty on the player dribbling the basketball. This is done by making the player focus on tossing and catching the tennis ball while also keeping their dribble alive.

Basketball | Ball Handling Drills Tip: Tennis Ball Dribbling

Start with stationary drills. Alternate dribbling 5 times with your right, then 5 times with your left. It's ok to look down at the ball in the beginning. Try to use your fingertips to dribble the tennis balls, you have more control with the smaller tennis ball. Now go to walking while dribbling the tennis ball, again alternating hands.

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How to Use Tennis Balls for Basketball Dribbling Drills ...

Dribble the length of a basketball court using a tennis ball. Cross your dribbling hand over several times across the distance. Pick up another tennis ball. Hold one in each hand. Bounce each ball at the same time, dribbling both tennis balls along the court. Avoid catching the tennis ball while running. Dribble it as you would a basketball. Tips

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Each player starts facing each other with a basketball & a tennis ball. The players shuffle sideways while dribbling down the court and passing the tennis ball back and forth to each other. To Add Difficulty. Vary the height of the tennis ball tosses. Cross the ball over to the other hand after each tennis ball toss.

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Begin dribbling the basketball with left hand. Toss the tennis ball 3-4 feet straight up in the air. As soon as the tennis ball leaves your hand, complete a double crossover (left to right, right to left) then catch the tennis ball with the same hand (right) that you threw it with. Take one or two dribble with the basketball to set yourself, then repeat.

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Practice with tennis balls to improve drib... In basketball, learning to control a small tennis ball will increase the control of dribbling a larger basketball.

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Many drills focus on repetition which is needed in improving but leave out decision making which is vital when playing. Check out or version of the tennis ba...

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